Photographer. Activist. Organizer.

Self-Portrait, Shaving, in New Orleans, 2018

Jesse Pratt López , an Atlanta-based photographer, activist and community organizer was born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her multi-cultural background and experience as a Trans Latina has shaped her into the socially conscious, culturally aware, and intellectually curious artist that she is today. Her photography deconstructs oppressive systems through visual education and exploration, while simultaneously striving to normalize and empower the communities she is apart of and represents.

López ultimately strives to give platforms to those who are normally marginalized and erased from the conversation. Ultimately, she hopes to democratize  artistic accessibility in the process through things such as public art, multimedia pieces, and archaic processes placed in contemporary context(s). She also works with local community organizations such as Southern Fried Queer Pride & Community Estrella to create autonomous spaces for queer people/artists of color.

Jesse has work in private collections in Atlanta and has exhibited at the Savannah College of Art & Design where she is a candidate for a BFA (2019).  She has been published in both print magazines (Wussy Mag, local) and national publications, such as: Atlantic Magazine, The Hechinger Report, The Guardian, and PBS NewsHour.